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Compare & Share November 2023 - Mystery Cigars

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We've added cigars to our monthly Compare & Share!

Compare & Share was conceived in brainstorming new ways to engage with the communal side of pipe smoking, and now we hope to do the same with cigars.

For $18.99, you'll receive 2 premium cigars—the Mystery Cigars will be the same for anyone who orders in that month. We will have removed the bands so that they remain a mystery until the end of the month, when we'll reveal the identity of the Mystery Cigars and Blends before listing next month's.

[note: the $18.99 price will always be a deal to some degree compared to the retail price of the two cigars.]

Our hope is that while trying these cigars and/or pipe tobacco blends, all who are taking part can discuss their thoughts, analyses, impressions, etc. You can join us on our Facebook Compare & Share group!

We think this could be a fun way to bring together two tenets that—for many—are at the core of premium tobacco: exploration and community. If you'd like to know more, check out our blog introducing Compare & Share!