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Cigar Accessories

Sure, we all view cigars as a celebratory item, something to light up after a significant event. However, nothing is stopping you from appreciating a fine cigar whenever you feel like it. However, you will need some accessories to help you enjoy your cigar smoking experience.


Pick up an ashtray to collect the leftover junk from your cigar. You can find an ashtray to suit your style, allowing you to have one ashtray for social gatherings with many smokers or something that works great for just you. Find your ashtray here and enjoy smoking!


When on the go, you will need something to safely and securely hold onto your cigars. These cases will be ideal for handling that task. Single, double, or triple cases, you will be able to bring your cigars with you wherever you travel.


You can't smoke a cigar without cutting it. Instead of struggling freehand or damaging the cigar, pick up a cigar cutter that will be the perfect tool to give you the cleanest cut and the smoothest draw. Don't waste a great cigar because of a bad cut. Get your cutter here and have a great smoking session!

Humidity Control

Maintaining the proper humidity for your cigars is crucial for their health. Having too much moisture, or too little, can ruin the cigars. Use these humidity control packs to help you maintain the proper levels.


For the cigar aficionados, getting a humidor is the best thing to do. These humidors will be a special location to safely store your cigars until you decide to enjoy one. Get your humidor and humidor accessories here.


There's more to cigars than just the stogie itself. Most cigar smokers enjoy lighting up while also doing other activities, such as relaxing with a stiff drink. Choose to display your cigars and your cigar lifestyle here.


You want to have the right lighters for your cigars. Many cigar smokers notice a change in flavor when using a lighter that is not well suited to light cigars. Here you can find lighters specially made for cigars from some of the top brands in the world.=

Lighter Fuel

While some lighters will use the regular Zippo lighter fuel, some of them will use butane instead. What you want to use is your personal preference, and there is not a consensus in the cigar world. Ask five cigar smokers, and you will have five different answers.


Cigars do not need to be held the entire time you are smoking them. Sometimes you can rest them on a stand. Take a look through our collection of stands and find something you enjoy.