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Welcome to! We are a small online retail store located in the historic tobacco city of Richmond, Virginia. This project of ours started in 2010 as Stocked with very few brands while fulfilling orders out of our founder’s spare room, we set out with a simple goal, to help our fellow pipe smokers in finding their perfect pipe. 

From our humble beginnings to our current operation providing a dynamic, thoughtfully curated selection of pipes, tobacco, cigars, and more—that mission hasn’t changed, but it has grown. 

Rebranding as in 2012, the years that followed were kind to us, which is to say you were kind to us. Our amazing customers allowed us to outgrow our office space twice. In turn, allowing us to offer you even more amazing brands and products. 

With our stock of pipes from renowned pipe makers like Savinelli, Rattray’s, and Peterson; pipe sets  that offer everything the budding pipe smoker needs, such as those from The French Pipe; gorgeous handcrafted pipes from artisans like Nuttens; and so much more—we have a wide selection of pipes to fulfill the individuality of any pipe lover. Whether you’re an expert with years of experience or a novice just getting your feet wet, we’re here to help you find  just what you need. 

Above all else, we try to provide phenomenal customer service to make your experience easy and enjoyable, no matter where you are in your pipe smoking journey. We know we’re lucky to have you as a friend and customer. Because of this, we believe that being a pipe retailer can’t end with just selling you a product, it includes being an engaged and dependable participant in a community of which we are all a part. 

We want to help you get what you need to make every smoking experience, well, an experience! Be it the pipe that speaks to you, the tobacco blend you love, or even the information to help you stay knowledgeable and up to date. 

It can often feel like the convenience of the digital age comes at the expense of human connection. That’s why a central tenet of our business is that online doesn’t have to mean impersonal. If you’re browsing our site and don’t find the pipe you’re looking for, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll probably be able to find what you’re looking for. And don’t forget to check back regularly to keep up with our always expanding selections. 



Customer Service Manager


My favorite cigar box art is… 
Diamond Crown, Dapper (El Borracho), or Romeo Y Julieta 

Outside of work I like to… 
Be awesome! Also, spend my time doing crafts, giving my puppy all the loves, or being with friends and family 

Favorite memory working at TobaccoPipes… 
The time Erica was working with a bin on her head and Terry saw her on the camera


Warehouse Manager


My favorite tin art is…  

Outside of work I like to… 
Play strategy and racing games  

My favorite cigars/blends/pipes are… 
Maduro cigars, liquor flavored blends, and Neerup pipes 


Social Media Manager & Photographer


My favorite tin art is…  
Cornell & Diehl Carolina Red Flake. As a graphic designer, I geek out over fonts and the script font they use for this is so appealing! Fun fact: I knew exactly what font it was the moment I saw it  

Outside of work I like to… 
Read! I ended 2020 having read 201 books, with Long Bright River being my all-time favorite book  

My favorite blend is… 
Cult Blood Red Moon. While I’m not a pipe smoker myself, it smells heavenly, and I can only hope it smokes as well as it smells!


Product Coordinator


My favorite blend is… 
Although I have not smoked a pipe yet, I do love the way Sutliff’s Z92 smells along with the Cult Blood Red Moon!  

I like to watch… 
Bravo shows The Real Housewives and also Blue Bloods (any crime shows really)  

My favorite coffee is… 


Content Writer


Outside of work I like to… 
Play fetch with my dog, do crosswords, spend time at the river, and catch local music shows  

My favorite pipe is… 
Either my J Mouton Poker or Sasieni One Dot 

I like to read 
About pipe/tobacco history and Linguistics does not sell tobacco or tobacco related products to anyone under the age of 21.